Safe and healthy work at home and abroad

Foreign contractors regularly wish to work in the Netherlands, and Dutch contractors regularly wish to work abroad. The SSVV attaches importance to the ability of these companies to work in safe and healthy conditions without being confronted with a wide range of obstacles in another country. This is also the reason why we make every effort to ensure that the SCC is fully in line with comparable programmes outside the Netherlands - and vice versa.

SCC and other countries


The Netherlands and Belgium have a long tradition of cooperation in the SCC field. In fact, the Netherlands and Belgium now use exactly the same system. Dutch and Belgian SCC diplomas and certificates are equivalent and valid in both countries.


France has adopted the Manuel d’Amélioration Sécurité Santé Environnement des Entreprises (MASE). France and the Netherlands accept each other's diploma's. As far as certificates are concerned, France only accepts SCC Petrochemical certificates (not SCC* and SCC**). The Netherlands accept MASE for all SCC certification levels.

This has been laid down in an agreement.

Germany and Austria

Germany and Austria have adopted the Sicherheits Certifikat Contraktoren. Although this system is not one-to-one identical to the Dutch SCC, Germany and Austria and the Netherlands accept each other's diplomas and certificates.

Other countries

Other countries do not currently have safety systems comparable to the SCC system. SCC diplomas and certificates are not automatically valid in these countries, and diplomas and certificates issued by these countries are not automatically accepted in the Netherlands.