The new SCC checklist (version 2017/6.0) is available as of today.
The Dutch Accreditation Council has accepted the new SCC version 2017/6.0. SCC 2017/6.0 places an even greater focus on safety, includes workplace & safe behaviour improvements, and offers the chain a clearer and more reliable system. SCC 2017/6.0 is a uniform version for both the Netherlands and Belgium, without the previous national differences in emphasis.
The new SCC website went live today. offers information about SCC products and services and is intended for employees, freelancers, contractors, principals, temporary employment agencies and intermediaries who wish to promote health and safety at work with SCC diplomas and certification.
The existing 20 year old SCC, SCP and SCT logos have been replaced by new logos.
The Dutch Accreditation Council made a number of comments about the substance of the SCC update issued last August. This, unfortunately, means that the update has not been accepted.
New SCC examinations will be introduced on 4 September 2017. The new examinations provide a more effective means of testing candidates on their basic knowledge of healthy and safe work practices.​​
The SSVV attaches importance to the SCC system's continued leading position in health and safety at work and to continued alignment with the day-to-day work practice at all certified companies. The latest version of the SCC dates back to 2010: in other words, it's time for an update!