Protect the health and safety of your employees and your working environment

Do you accept contracts for high-risk work, or for work in high-risk environments? If so, it is even more important that you follow healthy and safe work practices – and that your principal ensures that you can. When you have SCC certification you demonstrate that your company attaches importance to safe and healthy work practices. You also present yourself as an expert and reliable contractor.

Services and products for contractors


Invest in safe and healthy work practices and reduce the number of accidents at your company.


Personal Safety Logbook

Show that your employees work safely and meet the health requirements for their work.


SSVV Training Guide

Specify the knowledge and skills your employees need to carry out specific high-risk tasks.


Six reasons why you should adopt safe and healthy work practices


Be better than the rest
your company shows how it should be done


Prevent fuss and bother
your principal will appreciate it


Generate business
your investors and shareholders will be pleased


Recruit talent
skilled workers recognize skilled work


Take good care of each other
because your employees deserve it


Avoid domino effects
a minor incident can have major consequences

What may I expect from my principal?

You may expect your principal to act as a good principal. You may then, for example, expect that your principal:

  • Ensures that you can carry out your contract in safety (by making sufficient time, funds and resources to enable you to do so);
  • Ensures that you do not need to sort out things that your principal has not arranged properly (you are not expected to take over your principal's work);
  • Is approachable, actively discusses your work with you and appreciates your efforts to follow healthy and safe work practices.

Does your principal require you to have SCC certification?

When your principal requires you to have SCC certification then you may expect that your principal regards SCC as more than a provision in a contract that can be left to the procurement officers; the principal's safety officers will consult with you on a customized approach to each project.

Does your principal have SCP certification?

When your principal has SCP certification then you may assume that the principal makes an inventory of the risks associated with the work to be contracted out and the environment in which the work is to be carried out, informs you about them and makes every effort to control those risks. The principal is prepared for emergencies and ensures that your employees will be told what to do in an emergency. You may also expect that you will be able to assess the principal's efforts to provide for safe and healthy work conditions and that points for improvement are addressed.

What may my principal expect from me?

Your principal may expect that you act as a good contractor:

  • You know, name and discuss the risks associated with the work and the work environment and take measures to control the risks;
  • You make every effort to avoid incidents and take immediate actions should an incident nevertheless occur;
  • You offer your employees a safe and healthy work environment, in part by providing them safe work equipment and personal protective equipment;
  • You are approachable and open to tips and tricks that improve healthy and safe work practices.

Do you have SCC certification?

When you have SCC certification then your principal may expect that you regard the SCC as more than just a checklist to be ticked off; you implement the SCC in a carefully-considered and visible manner and that you and your principal examine how you can implement any improvements that may be necessary.

Talk about it!

Do you experience barriers in following healthy and safe work practices? Or are you faced with unnecessary problems in following healthy and safe work practices? If so, talk about this with your principal.